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Michael James DiMuro, better known as DiMuro or "DiMuro Beats" is a multi-platinum record producer, songwriter and musician from Inverness, Florida.

DiMuro showed an interest in music at the early age of 6 when he began practicing on his drumset daily, which was gifted to him for Christmas by his parents.
A few years later, he discovered FL Studio and started studying the program by watching tutorials on YouTube and downloading free project files from other creatives online thru various music forums in order to understand how other people made music with the software.
He then began pursing his professional music production career after starting an online beat store on SoundClick - a popular online marketplace for musicians to license their music to other artists. Once a few sales came in, it was clear that production was no longer just a hobby for DiMuro -
it was turning into a career.

After many years of practicing and networking with other producers on social media, DiMuro finally landed his first placement with Ray Jr. and Kirko Bangz on Ray's "Gold Packs" mixtape in early 2016 titled "Good Girls" which featured co-production from the music producer known as Posta. During that time, they continued working and connecting with other creatives such as Deemoney Beatz and Cameron Cartee who were both introduced to DiMuro by Posta.

DiMuro, Deemoney and Cartee began working together almost immediately, resulting in their first single together with Christian Smith titled "I Wonder" - which was the beginning of their work together. 
DiMuro and Deemoney started collaborating together frequently and landed a placement on K Camp's "Kiss 4" project for the production of "Invitation" featuring Asiahn. After working together for some time, they started to realize that their musical chemistry was in perfect sync, as their collaborations always had a certain flair to them.

The dynamic duo kept working and building their network together and have garnered many production credits with both major and upcoming-independent artists including the MTVs Wild 'n Out star Justina Valentine who's last 2 singles were produced by the duo along with Amadeus.

In 2018, DiMuro joined PlatinumBoyMusic - a multi platinum record production company which was founded by Badboy/Hitmen producer Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson.


DiMuro and Thompson began working on various projects, later landing placements on some of 2019's most popular albums including Chris Brown's historic "Indigo" album, which debuted #1 on Billboard 200 and was certified platinum just months after its debut.

He is a current member of PlatinumBoyMusic, Inc.